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What is “Personality Marketing” 
and Why Do You Need It?
All the biggest marketing minds of today are telling us we need to think less like salespeople and more like media companies.

Translation: entertain first, THEN sell. 

But how do we actually DO that?

With Personality Marketing, that’s how. And you’re about to get an in-depth look at exactly how it works. 
  • It's NOT about publishing endless amounts of boring, formulaic content…
  • It's not about posting pictures of your dinner and expecting that to help you sell stuff…
  • It's about finding the perfect balance of PERSONALITY ELEMENTS (to make it engaging and emotionally compelling) and tried-and-true MARKETING PRINCIPLES (to make it effective). 
Maybe you've heard of sales funnels before. You might even have one. Or seven. I don't know.

Maybe you've tried social media marketing and/or email marketing.

Maybe you've even run some paid ads.

But if you haven't gotten the results you wanted from those efforts, I'm guessing you haven't yet experienced the magic of personality marketing.
How is it different?

Personality marketing works because it's created by real humans for real humans.
It's marketing with enthusiasm, with empathy, with humor and with heart.
It puts people above processes and stories above systems.

It's the online equivalent of building an offline relationship, without losing that all-important personal touch along the way.

It's the humanity and sincerity of your content that make all the difference--

--because if you can't make people feel things, it could prove quite difficult to convince them to buy things.

And now, more than ever, you NEED personality marketing because content saturation has made it HARDER THAN EVER to stand out.

Because if you're not nailing this stuff, there's most likely a competitor of yours out there who IS.

And if so, the customer will choose that competitor instead of you, any day of the week.
Why Read This Book?
You've probably seen plenty of free + shipping book offers while scrolling through your news feed… why go through the hassle of getting up from your seat, digging around for your credit card and getting your hands on this particular book?

If you're wondering whether or not it really will help you sell more stuff, let me tell you why I wrote it in the first place...

As the owner of a content marketing agency, it's my job to look out for my clients’ bottom line.

When I started NerdyGirl.co, it became clear very quickly that the old model of content marketing does not work any more-- so I set out to figure out what DOES work.

Want to know what I found out?

Three things:
#1: Sharing Content “For Content’s Sake” Doesn't Work
Everybody's sharing helpful content these days. It's simply not enough to inspire a sale-- not any more.

Because it's not unique anymore.

This book will show you how to think beyond just “helpful content” and move toward creating compelling content-- the type of content that creates the emotional response necessary to make your prospect not just think, “I want that product”...

We want them to think, “I want it NOW, and I want it more than any other product or service I could possibly spend my money on at this moment!"
#2: Nobody's Falling in Love with Faceless Brands
In a day and age when almost every product or service can be found elsewhere (and probably at lower prices), taking a “product first” approach could cost you, big time!

Why be “all selling, all the time” when your content could do so much more-- creating a meaningful relationship with your prospects so that you become the obvious choice in your field?!?

This book will show you how to position yourself as the industry leader, the trusted advisor, the thought leader, the most engaging, beloved person who sells what you sell so that no one can compete with you and no one can copy your stuff.

They won't be able to “hack” your marketing because your marketing will have YOU all over it!

That said…

#3: If Your Content is All About You, It Won't Work
You can't just post pictures of your lunch and your dog and expect people to buy things.

You also can't share random curated content from other people in your space and expect people to buy your stuff based on that, either.

Have you ever made a purchase after seeing either of those things?

Me neither.

This book will teach you what sales-friendly content really looks like, so you can quit feeling overwhelmed by tired, ineffective, time-wasting content strategies that won't get you anywhere.

You'll learn what to say (and not say) and who to be (and NOT be) for your content to be every bit as powerful and persuasive as an in-person sales conversation.
Are You Ready To Rise to the Top of Your Market and SUCCEED with More Ease and Enjoyment Than You Ever Thought Possible?
Why would I share the very best of what I know (the same stuff my clients pay me many thousands of dollars to help them implement) for FREE right here in this book?

This is why:

I want to help you achieve the massive growth in your business that ONLY a masterfully crafted marketing and sales strategy can achieve.

This isn't some lofty, outlandish claim, either. I know it's possible because it's working right now for me, my peers and my clients. 

I have used the information in this book and I KNOW it works.

The steps I’ll lay out for you in this book are explained in simple, easy to understand, conversational language like this so there's no confusion and you can start right away down the road to the success you deserve.

Personality marketing can work for:
  • ​The restaurateur who wants to channel his/her inner Emeril and turn deliciousness into dollars like a BOSS
  • ​The brick and mortar store owner who wants his/her store to be a BIG FLIPPIN’ DEAL in the local community (or even a franchise someday!)
  • ​The tech startup founder who wants to stand out as a leader in his/her space
  • ​The late bloomer who gets that it’s never too late to turn his/her wisdom and experience into a “legacy business”
  • ​The network marketer who’s looking for a way to grow a customer base and a team without having to harass or annoy his/her friends and family
  • ​The aspiring artist, consultant, speaker, author or online course creator
  • ​The ambitious dreamer who’s thought about starting a business, but isn’t sure where to start
  • ​The freelancer who’s looking to grow her business and stand out from the teeming hordes of competitors on Upwork or Fiverr or whatever freelancing platform is cool at the time you’re reading this
  • ​The service provider, salesperson, or coach who needs to land high-level b2b clients or customers in order to make the money he/she wants to be making
  • ​The online course addict who’s stuck in information overload and wants to clear out the clutter and stick to the stuff that’s going to actually WORK
  • ​...anyway, you get my point. This stuff can work pretty much anywhere. 
Here's What We'll Cover in the Book:
Take a sneak peek at a some highlights from the table of contents...
  • How to Become a Major Player in Your Industry Even If You’re Strapped for Time AND Cash, Even If You’re Not a Supermodel or a Fancy Pants Type, and Even if You’re Not Yet Sure What Business You’re Really In... 
  • ​How to Turn Your Company Into a Media Company and EXPLODE Your Online Presence 
  • ​What the CRAP Happened to Social Media Marketing (and What's an Entrepreneur to DO About It?) 
  • How to “Create Believers” (and Why You Need Them)  
  • ​The #1 Biggest Misunderstanding About Personality Marketing 
  • ​The Big Difference Between Rookies and A-List Industry Leaders 
  • ​The Secret Sauce That Makes Personality Marketing Work 
  • ​How to Avoid Making the Same Mistakes I Made 
  • ​How to Make Personality Marketing Work for Your Unique Situation (Even If It Seems Impossible Right Now) 
  • ​Can I Be Successful at Personality Marketing WITHOUT Video? 
  • ​How do I get over my fear of being on camera? 
  • ​Can I be persuasive on camera if my personality isn’t all that dynamic or entertaining? 
  • ​How does this stuff work for realtors or other types of service providers? 
  • ​How does this stuff work for brick and mortar or e-commerce businesses? 
  • ​How does this stuff work for network marketers
  • ​How to Position Yourself as a Game Changer, Even If You Feel Like a Big Fat Imposter Right Now 
  • ​How to Be Perceived as the Celebrity Expert You Were Born to Be 
  • ​How to Use “Awesomeness By Association” to Position Yourself as an Expert 
  • ​How “Knowing Your Type” Could Help You Sell More Stuff 
  • ​I Have SO Many Different Interests and Skills… Which Should I Pursue? 
  • ​How to Design and Magnetize Your Dream Audience, Even If You Have a Special Gift for Attracting Bottom Feeders and Broke People Right Now 
  • ​The CRAZY-Powerful “First Step” Most Marketers Skip 
  • ​The Three Elements of an A-List Content Strategy 
  • ​“Sharing Fun Content Is Lovely… but How Do I Actually SELL Stuff?” 
  • ​How to Magically, Automatically and Profitably Turn Content Into Cash Flow (Fancy Funnel Tech Wizardry Optional) 
  • ​How much help/information/STUFF should I give away for free?
  • ​How to Effortlessly Drive Traffic to Your Content So You NEVER Have to Cold Call/Social Media Stalk Anyone, Ever Again 
  • ​How to Get (the Right Sorts of) Eyeballs on Your Content-- Whether You Pay for Ads or Not 
  • ​How to Scale Your Organic Traffic Strategy and “Be Everywhere” (Without Going Insane) 
  • ​How to Save TONS of Time with Cornerstone Content 
  • What To Do If You Try Everything I Tell You to Do And It STILL Doesn’t Seem to Be Working 
  • ​“I think my videos are good… why aren’t people paying attention?” 
  • ​“I’m Doing EVERYTHING RIGHT… Why Isn’t It Working?” 
  • ​Help! I’m Getting Attention, but… Why Is Nobody Buying!? 
  • ​The #1 Reason an Offer Won't Sell 
  • ​“Let’s Assume My Funnel Works Like Gangbusters. Then What Do I Do?” 
  • ​How to Create a Ridiculously Massive Return On the Tiny Investment You Made in This Book (Instead of Putting it Down Only to Get the Same Old Lame-Sauce Marketing Results Most People Get) 

Listen, I know it sounds cheesy to say the book is free when I'm asking you to cover shipping. 

But it's true. 

The book itself really is free.

All I ask is for a little help with the printing and postage costs-- truth be told, that means in most cases I'll be taking a loss to send you this.

Which I'm more than willing to do.

Because I did everything I could to make the book so helpful that it's going to be worth it for me, long term.

I'm so confident that you're going to love it that I will happily take that loss, knowing that if you're the type of entrepreneur I think you are, you'll be back soon wanting more.

Oh, and in case you're wondering...
There Is No Catch!
Just in case you think someone’s going to be charging your card randomly later on or sell your address to the government or something, let me assure you right now that that's not going to happen.

What you see is what you get. I'm just here to help you sell more stuff. 

You want to know why?

1. Whatever challenges you might going through in your business, it's likely that I’ve been through stuff just as tough and maybe even worse.

I’ve failed, I've been broke, I've been humiliated and in debt and hopeless and exhausted and confused.

It shouldn't have to be that way.

I want to make it easier for you, because I know entrepreneurship can be insanely hard and no one should have to feel like they're alone.
2. Because if you are stuck at a certain level in your business, looking for answers on Facebook or Instagram or Pinterest, I know you would rather be doing something different. 

I know you'd rather be changing people’s lives outside of the four walls surrounding you right now.

I know how it feels to know you're capable of more than your current level of achievement, but to feel like you lack the money or the skills or the influence to get where you want to be.

If you feel that way at all right now, this book can help.

I want you to read it because entrepreneurship changed everything for me-- my level of happiness and fulfillment, my relationship with my husband and my kids, my income (which, thanks to personality marketing, has skyrocketed)...

But it almost changed everything in the OPPOSITE way.

We almost went broke.

I almost went bonkers-town and set up camp in “Failureville USA” for good.

Not so long ago, I was popping anxiety pills feeling like there was no way out, that I would never figure out how to make a name for myself.

Personality Marketing changed all of that for me, and I want that for you too.

I want you to experience how GOOD it feels to grow your business AND have fun AND be YOU (the best, most motivated, most fired-up you, that is) at the same time.
I want you to have success.

To dream big.

To accomplish great things.

To be fulfilled by your work, by the process, the game, the journey.

If I just have to give away a few books to make that happen, then that is EXACTLY what I’ma DO!

Time To Decide...
We won't be printing these books to give away for free forever.

The last book - and this page - could disappear at any time.

My Personal Promise To You…

I'm so confident that you'll love this book, if you don't, I’ll be happy to return every cent you invested in this printing and postage fee. 

You can even keep the book.

Sound good? 
The Cost Of a Turkey Sandwich Stands Between You And The Marketing Results (and the Success!) You Deserve.
The only question is… are you ready to get NERDY about that success with me?

I hope so…

See you on the other side,

--Brittany Bullen
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There’s a 100% guarantee, too, so even your $7.95 isn’t at risk.

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Disclaimer: My results are not typical. There's no way I could possibly guarantee any specific change to your income as a result of reading my book. (Neither can anyone else who sells books, for that matter.) That said, I sincerely hope that this book will give you some helpful insights that will help you to improve the results of your marketing efforts. Happy reading!